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Gary Olzeke

My Hobbies

I like to read computer programming and robotic magazines. I am also playing around with Linux.
I was a founding member of the (now defunct) Souther Oregon Robotics Society and built two robots.
Love to hike and camp , and my wife does also to some degree. Our camping styles differ -though! _Her tent has wheels_
Watch movies with Vickie

My Background

I graduated from High School, in Northern California.
I then got an opportunity to see the Mediterranean from two aircraft carriers and also Silicon Valley -courtesy of the U.S.Navy. Silicon Valley was having its birth-pangs in the late 70's.
Moved to heaven,which is located in Southern Oregon , aka Grants Pass.
Moved to Ohio to live with the other side of the family. Let my two sons finish their high school in Lancaster, Ohio.
Returned to Southern Oregon , which had slipped from grace and was no longer heaven ;
and spent time in an area known as 'Agate Desert' (Central Point) . I worked as a computer repair technician, until the '08 crash. Found work as Hardware Store clerk/stocker - until I retired.
My son & daughter-in-law & 3 Grandkids coerced me to So. Carolina - well the wife was a strong influence also! If Mama ain't happy....

My Family

There is me, myself, and I - Gary.
There is the wife - Vickie.
There is the eldest son - David - ex-U.S. Airforce, now a Family man; with a wife and 3 of my GrandKids
There is the youngest son - Daniel - retired U.S. Army Warrant Office, now the Human for a Chihuahua-mix canine -"Bermuda"; and his daughter in Washington
OH, and a passel of in-laws..!