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Wow, what a week! Started this blog report with the goal of making a 'Dice' roller for my war-gaming. I had some TIL-311 dotmatrix hexadecimal displays from way back when. [old]



Wow, what a week!...

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Welcome to the new ZATWorks website, I finally joined the IN(ternet) CROWD.

Thanks to

  • a friend of mine for hosting me
  • getgrav.org CMS
  • and my web sponsor Coridium

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Well, it’s a NEW Year 2018 – hope it turns out Happy for us!.,
And, I turned a year OLDer in December, the OLD year of 2017!

Coridium has a new product – the ARMStamp; thanks to the 55 backers of Bruce’s Kickstarter Project, I being one of them.

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